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Nappy hygiene at the next level – for more than 20 years

Microplast®: the ultrathin, micro-extruded film fastener – specially for baby nappies and incontinence products.
New! Now also biodegradable!

Binder BioHook – the next step to sustainable nappies

A baby will use around 5,000 nappies before it’s potty-trained. This creates about a ton of waste – a challenge that we must take on together for the good of future generations.

That’s why Binder has been constantly optimising Microplast® – its film fastener for nappy closures – for over 20 years, making it thinner, lighter and more economical in terms of material. Now it’s time for the next step: we have developed the first biodegradable Microplast® for the personal care industry, the Binder BioHook. This is a crucial detail that allows nappies to become one with nature again after usage.

Two versions are available to our customers. In addition to the already well-known use of PLA materials based on lactic acid compounds, Binder is employing a new and innovative technology that makes biodegradability possible in polyolefins in accordance with BSI PAS 9017:2020. Moreover, Binder BioHook is compatible with all recent recycling systems for polyolefin-based materials.

Microplast®: Innovation down to the smallest detail

Microplast® is a film fastener that has been specially developed for closure systems in baby nappies and incontinence products. The ultra-thin, micro-extruded fastener with a three-dimensional structure is soft and flexible with the known reliable grip

Child's play to use

Especially for baby and children's nappies, the film fastener has to be highly practical, but particularly skin-friendly at the same time. Microplast® from Binder provides both. The fastener is easy to move and reseal.

Ultra-thin and inconspicuous

Incontinence products are a sensitive subject. It's therefore all the more important that fasteners offer safety, are not noticeable and can be used flexibly. The ultra-thin film fastener Microplast® meets exactly these requirements. It also adheres to the textile backsheet and is available in various widths and the usual colours.

Universal hook or nonwoven specialist?

Whether non-wovens, locked loops or brushed loops: Microplast® adheres to any "landing zone". To meet the needs, developments and materials of our customers, Microplast® is available in two versions:

Microplast® -445

  • Symmetrical mushroom-shaped heads in a hexagonal arrangement
  • The same peel and shear force in every direction
  • Universal hooks with isotropic performance

Microplast® -641

  • Elongated mushroom-shaped heads in a rectangular arrangement
  • Specifically developed for nonwovens
  • Improved performance in the direction of application

Biodegradable in two versions


Article numbers: 92445 and 92641
Biodegradability: certified according to BSI PAS 9017:2020


Article number: 61445
Biodegradability: the compound with natural mineral filler is manufactured from certified compostable plastics according to the EN 13432 standard.

Microplast® at a glance

Item Mushrooms/cm2 Thickness mm Weight g/m2 Material
85445 288 approx. 0.30 approx. 100 PP
85641 260 approx. 0.32 approx. 100 PP
95445 288 approx. 0.30 approx. 85 PP
95641 260 approx. 0.32 approx. 85 PP
92445 288 approx. 0.32 approx. 90 Polyolefin-based
92641 260 approx. 0.32 approx. 90 Polyolefin-based
61445 288 approx. 0.39 approx. 220 PLA-based

All Microplast® products are available in natural colour.
Other colours on request (as e.g. blue, white, green).

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